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Davit crane

Davit Cranes

Offshore lifting that withstands
the harshest of environments

Designed and manufactured by Granada Cranes, world-leading offshore foundation crane specialists, these latest generation Python Davits provide a lifting capability that sets new standards of reliability and efficiency.

Such is the build quality of these advanced, innovative cranes that they are approved for use with turbines from all major manufacturers and all foundation designs (transition piece, jacket and floating platforms).

Over 1000 next generation Python Davit foundation cranes from Granda Cranes already in operation on worldwide offshore wind farms

Patented main boom and other key facts about Python Davit foundation cranes:

  • In lowering mode, the patented Python main boom allows on-deck maintenance and the fitting of a temporary manual hoist for foundation commission work and man-riding attachment.
  • Third party accreditation available – Eg DNV.
  • Cranes can be certified at the foundation yard for offshore use (no need for offshore testing).
  • Davit uses no hydraulics. This reduces maintenance costs by approximately 60% and avoids the potential environmental impact of a hydraulic system either venting or failing altogether.
  • No working at height. Hoist, slew bearing, electrical control panel and front sheave are all accessible from either the laydown area or the WTG steps.

World-class components

To ensure that all aspects of our offshore foundation cranes meet the most stringent standards, we have a policy of sourcing components, bearings, drive trains and electrical systems only from leading suppliers.

As well as ensuring exceptional quality, suppliers of such calibre provide us with a wealth of specialist advice and first-class product support for your project.

All materials and components are certified for offshore use and conform to all relevant standards for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment. Our paint system is to ISO 12944 CX or NORSOK M501. Our man-riding emergency descent is to Applicable Standard Safety systems include automatic and manual override protection (AOPS and MOPS).

  • Offshore maintenance and service agreements
  • Delivery worldwide


Patented main boom and other key facts about Python Davit foundation cranes:

  • 1.
    Radius 2m to 8m as standard
  • 2.
    Capacity up to 2000kg and 2m wave height (Hs)
  • 3.
    316L Stainless steel brackets c/w nylon sheaves
  • 4.
    Lift heights up to 40m
  • 5.
    Drive train and slew mechanism from world class supply chain partners
  • 6.
    SCADA connection available
  • 7.
    Electrical control systems can be integral to the crane or remote mounted (plug and play)
  • 8.
    Control Panel Board. Including light tower, socket and sounder
  • 9.
    Baseplate design to suit foundation. (Transition piece or Jacket)
  • 10.
    IP 67 cable seal
  • 11.
    Manual slew drive 335˚ rotation (full rotation & electrical slew as option)
  • 12.
    Full offshore safety system (AOPS, MOPS, ELL System)
  • 13.
    Full 316L Stainless steel hook block
  • 14.
    Duplex corrosion classification of galvanisation and organic paint system
  • 15.
    Nylon parking station for hook block
  • 16.
    Emergency access and egress approved
Davit crane diagram
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