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Fezer vacuum lifting

Vacuum lifting

Granada Cranes are the UK distributors for the Fezer range of vacuum load lifting devices. These are used widely for the transport of steel plate and coil, glass, wood, aluminium and other materials.

Transport of goods in the horizontal and vertical plane.

Options include full 180 degree rotation and integrated crane controls. Vacuum handlers can be supported by overhead cranes and jib cranes. Complete crane, gantry and lifting packages are available, all serviced and maintained by our nationwide service and maintenance division. Spare parts are readily available for all makes and types of unit.

VacuBoy – universally suitable Vacuum Lifters

These FEZER lifters are suitable for horizontal transport, swivelling or turning over plate materials of all kinds.

The vacuum lifters stand for absolutely gentle handling, efficient and ergonomical working processes with highest operational safety. For that reason all manually operated lifters are equipped with the unique “main switch supervision”, which sets new standards when it comes to the safety of vacuum lifters.

VacuGiant – move heavy Loads easily

The VacuGiants are Fezer’s heavy-duty lifters.

They stand for highest capacities, hardest working conditions and the most stable design. Their sturdiness in connection with their simple control ensure efficient and economic working processes with highest operational safety.

All manually controlled vacuum lifters are equipped with the unique “main switch supervision”. Fezer sets new standards when it comes to safety on vacuum lifters.

VacuCoil for handling coils, split strips and paper rolls

With the device series VacuCoil FEZER offers vacuum lifters for handling coils, split strips and paper rolls.

Depending on the requirements the lifters can be equipped with a steel, aluminum, or plastic suction plate. Depending on the density of the material powerful vacuum generators are being used to build up a safe operational vacuum. Additionally, the lifters can be equipped with features like single chamber supervision, automatic control of the required chambers or undergrippers for long transport ways. Fezer also offers system solutions to flange coil suction plates onto robots or linear axes. A data exchange of important signals guarantees a high operational and process safety.

  • Commissioning of coils and split strips
  • Restacking, putting in or taking out of storage
  • Use in automatic storage of paper rolls
  • System solutions for robots and linear axes

VacuWood – horizontal Transport of Planks and Gluelam Beams

With the VacuWood series Fezer offers special vacuum lifters for handling planks, boards and gluelam beams.

They are able to transport parts with a length of over 24 m in a safe and gentle way. For raw planks special suction pads are available that guarantee a 100% sealing. Additionally the lifters can be equipped with water separator, swivelling manipulating handle für long boards and electrical vacuum control. This guarantees you a high operational safety and quick, rational processes.

  • Engagement of planks after sawing
  • Putting into and taking out of storage
  • Commissioning of boards

VacuPoro VP, VP-90E – horizontal and swivelling design

With the VacuPoro series FEZER offers a special vacuum lifter for handling porous materials.

Powerful vacuum blowers guarantee an absolutely safe operational vacuum. For different applications the lifters are available in horizontal or swivel design.

Both designs convince by their sturdy construction and the simple electrical vacuum control. Fezer also offers special designs in flat construction or for loads of several tons.

  • Handling of raw chipboards, MDF-, or OSB boards
  • Feeding of lying or upright wood handling machines
  • Commissioning of wooden boards