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Overhead Gantry Cranes

Supported by the latest smart software controls

Our overhead gantry cranes combine world-class engineering with outstanding design. Supported by the latest smart electronic controls, they deliver a range of features and technologies that work together to optimise your lifting processes.

With an international reputation for innovation, engineering excellence and the highest levels of service, Granada Cranes are leaders in bespoke industrial lifting solutions that meet customers’ specific requirements.

Our overhead cranes are suitable for a vast range of applications – everything from light work to the most demanding of processes. Talk to us about your particular needs. However challenging the project, we’ll design a crane or crane system that’s exactly right for the job.

Introducing the intelligent Overhead Gantry Crane

Smart software and smart features for smart lifting

Through our partnership with SWF Krantechnik, a world leader in electronic monitoring and control systems, we can integrate the latest SWF Intelligent Lifting software into your cranes to give you greater control over your material handling processes.

From the minute operators work with a crane loaded with smart software, their job is significantly easier. This increases their efficiency, which in turn improves their productivity – which in turn causes load cycle times to drop.

Because the smart controls optimise crane movement, components are also subject to less wear and tear. As a result, they last longer.

And perhaps most importantly of all, SWF Intelligent Lifting software reduces the chance of human error, as a consequence of which safety is improved significantly.


We can integrate smart features into new cranes or they can be retro-fitted, both in a range of combinations.

Crane development system

Any site, however awkwardly configured

Our design engineers have a track record of developing crane systems that fit into the envelopes of even the most difficult buildings.
Architects drawings

Drawings and files for architects and designers

We provide crane drawings in both SETP and PDF formats. We can also provide all crane loading data needed for the design of the support structure.

Some of the Intelligent Features we can integrate

Extended speed range

For maximum performance and time saving

Micro speed

Precise movement for load positioning

Slack rope prevention

Automatic stop at ground contact


Precise, incremental load positioning

Restricted load

Protects the structure from overload

Sway control

Load sway control during travel

Load floating

Smooth re-start of hoisting

Shock load prevention

Smooth lifting through reduced speed


Synchronised start and stop for up to four hoists


Simultaneous lifting of even asymmetrical loads

Cranes in tandem

Simultaneous long and cross travel
Overhead gantry crane

Support systems

We also design and manufacture complete support systems for all types of gantry.

Single cranes or multiple systems

We work in a way that gives us the ability to provide everything from a single overhead crane to multiple crane systems. Whatever your material handling requirements, we can help.

Double girder, single girder, under-slung or bespoke designs

Talk to us about which is best for your needs.