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Collecting data

Fully meeting the requirements
of our industry

Granada Cranes’ quality systems meet fully the requirements of our industry. They are audited both internally and externally to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.

Sub-contractors and suppliers

We audit our sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure that they not only meet with our own standards of performance but that they are regulatory and legislatively aware and trained to do their job professionally and safely when working on our contracts on our customers’ sites. The majority of our supply-chain has been working with us for many years and we have excellent on-going relationships with them.

Audit reports based on our design, manufacturing and servicing facilities demonstrate that our values and process applications are endemic and not superficial.

Employee training

All our employees are subjected to our training needs analysis (6 monthly) to ensure both currency and that future standards are addressed.

As a minimum we ensure that employees at all levels achieve both regulatory and legislatory requirements of our business and align with AUK contractual demands.

Customer training

We solicit regular customer feedback which is analysed and acted upon to ensure total satisfaction (for non-Airbus jobs our current rolling annual score is 87%). We see this as a critical customer satisfaction issue considering the constraints which will need to be adhered to. We will regularly check that our customers, in appropriate business streams, are satisfied with our work and that of our supply-chain’s performance standards.